Halal Everyday

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Enjoy Halal, Delicious, and Healthy Everyday!

Halal Every day is a mixed Mediterranean and Central Asian style cuisine that strives to serve Halal, Delicious, healthy, and highly nutritious food. Available to order online for pickup or delivery!

Enjoy the best Jarkop, Kofta, Fried Rice, and Pilaf in town. Enjoy Halal, Delicious, and Healthy Everyday!

Central Asian cuisine has been influenced by Persian, Indian, Arab, Turkish, Chinese, Mongol, African, and Russian cultures, as well as the culinary traditions of other varied nomadic and sedentary civilizations.

The main grain crops of Central Asia are millet, rice, wheat and barley. Rice and wheat are used to make the staple dishes of flatbread and noodles.

Mediterranean cuisine is the food and methods of preparation used by the people of the Mediterranean Basin.

Essentially, Mediterranean cuisine is made up of plant food and minimally processed staples where herbs and spices are essential ingredients. Usually, there's lots of fruit, veggies, legumes, grains, olive oil and aromatic herbs.

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